5 Questions with Scotty Kojak...

Ever since wondering into the Park Club in 2013 and the Acton boys highjacked his planned move to Scotland, Scotty Kojak has been an integral and hugely popular member of the club.

As well as being a mighty fine player for Acton who has moved up through all teams to enjoy recent seasons in the 1st XI as a high-quality off spin bowler, Scotty has fully thrown himself into life at Acton CC. Heโ€™s become a Sussex tour legend and has been a near ever present for Acton on Saturdays, Sundays, at practice sessions, and at the Aeronaut. Such is the influence Scotty has had on the club, we struggle to think of an overseas import who has had as much of on an all-round impact on our club during their time in the UK. As Scotty threatens (again) to go home for good this coming winter, we ask him our usual 5 Questionsโ€ฆ

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